Þjóðhátíðardagurinn – Icelandic National Day 17th June

Icelandic National Day is an annual holiday in Iceland which commemorates the foundation of The Republic of Iceland on 17 June 1944 and its independence from Danish rule. And this is how it’s being celebrated!

Many Icelanders will today wear their national costume and celebrate their independence on a national scale, with a parade lead by a brass band. Riders on Icelandic horses often precede the brass band and flag bearers from the Icelandic scout movement traditionally follow the brass band.


After the parade several speeches are held out in the open. One of the speeches is held by a woman, as Fjallkonan (the woman of the mountain). Dressed in a gown and wearing a distinctive crown with veil, she represents the fierce spirit of the Icelandic nation and of Icelandic nature which she shares through a poem.

After the parade and the speeches there os open theatres, music and family entertainment.


Apparently it traditionally rains on this day, in particular in the Southwest of Iceland. When checking the weather forecast, this predication seems to be yet again, true.

Nevertheless, happy National Day Iceland!

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  1. I am in Eyvindarholar for independence day. Is there a parade, and other events at this location or should I head to Vik for about 10 ma

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