Scandinavian Style Father’s Day Gifts – Editors’ Picks

eames chair
Father’s Day is soon approaching. Besides the lovely home made cards and the precious hugs and kisses he will receive from his kids on the day… here are our Scandinavian Style Father’s Day Gifts!

Although he deserves to have his feet up on Father’s Day, there’s more affordable ways of treating him on his big day than investing in above designer chair (which happens to be my husbands favourite).

Read on for some Father’s Day gifts inspiration!

He’s full of great ideas – that will not only need a nice pen but also a personal notebook
The Ferm Living notebooks are printed on uncoated recycled paper and the sophisticated typography is designed by the Danish visual designer, Ruth Vissing.
Why not choose the notebook that has the letter of his first name on the cover.
Bau Deco Notebook £6.50 from

Tools, gadgets and kitchen utensils are always high up on his wish list.
Made from solid brass in a luxurious matt finish, this bottle opener stands on its side creating a decorative piece when not in use. An indulgent gift idea for Father’s Day by Danish design house, Ferm Living.
Hexagon bottle opener £30 at
fermLiving brass hexagon bottle opener

Dads are the super hero of the family – let him be James Bond!
Men’s bow tie in silk jacquard. Features a solid background with micro dot pattern. Pre-knotted with hook and eye closure – for a quick transformation when his needed for a secret mission, or just when he wants to feel as stylish as his daughters think he are!
Marras PR Bow Tie £59 from

He’s a man of the wilderness – Let him relax with the scent of woodland and deep forest.
Skog is Scandinavian for forest. Boreal forests cover half of Scandinavia stretching unbroken from the far south to the Arctic Circle. With impressions of pine and fir, aged leather and woodland lily of the valley. Pure, clean burning vegetable wax has been hand-poured into a painted glass votive. The candle will burn for up to 45 hours.
SKOG scented candle £25 from

It’s not only the rough edged packaging he will love – the handmade organic moisturising soap too!
This bar of soap is from Swedish brand LA:Bruket. Made from vegetable and essential oils lemongrass and rosemary this soap will stimulate and activate. The vetegable oils are softening, protecting and calming, while lemongrass is cooling, astringent and has an antiseptic effect. What more to demand from a soap?
Tväl 120g soap bar £9.90 from
la bruket soap uk

Because sometimes – you are not the only one who would like a slow morning with coffee served in bed…
A classic towelling robe, long and generous, is great for stepping out of the bath or padding down to breakfast. It’s made of super soft cotton pile with a cosy collar, deep cuffs and large patch pockets.
White Classic Cotton Robe £55 at
Unisex Classic Cotton Robe The White Company

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