What do the Royal children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte wear

Unsurprisingly, brands jump on the #RoyalBaby bandwagon. But what does it mean for a designer to find favour with the palace and to see their design on Prince George or Princess Charlotte in official pictures? What are the chances for that happening?

Since his birth, there have been multiple articles and even dedicated blogs around ‘Dressed like Prince George’ and ‘What Prince George wore’. With the birth of Princess Charlotte the fashion industry has of course shifted their attention to the newborn.

And of course – having your brand being worn by a Royal and especially Kate and her children can make a massive difference for a brand! Who was Jenny Packham before Kate chose to wear her dresses to several important occasions? Latest dress was seen on Kate outside the hospital with the newborn Princess Charlotte in her arms… You can only start to imagine the marketing value! When it comes to advertising your brand on the back of a real-time event, few opportunities come any bigger than the birth of a royal baby.

But marketeers have already been warned by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). The advice stated that members of the Royal Family should not be shown or mentioned in marketing without their prior permission.

And it’s a fine line between gifting the newborn to celebrate and direct product placement to achieve celebrity endorsement. Although Kate and Will seems to be supportive of British designers they are also (understandably) protective of their two children and have no intention of using them as walking billboards. Therefore it has been announced that photographs are limited to a few official pictures each year, shared by the Royal Family.


Although it pleases us to see that Kate and Will choose Scandinavian functional design as well as organic cotton (the Swedish Polarn O. Pyret white body suit in 100% organic cotton in above image) I do support their decision in being restrictive. It’s better to hold back and the loosen up, rather than regret any unwanted exposure.

For gifting, the Royal family have even announced that they would rather receive money donated to charity than gifts. It’s also rumoured that Kate have returned gifts, although this has not been verified.

So if you are a children’s designer and would like to see your design on a Royal. What to do? You could cheekily send it off in the mail. But unless you “know someone who knows someone” I’d refrain from adding to the growing pile of unwanted gifts.

So there you go! And back to what the Prince and Princess wear? Well the few official pictures to be released every year will give you an idea. Expect timeless, classic apparel in a functional design and always in great quality. No extravaganza or tasteless snobbery. I must admit, some of the Royals are truly style icons. Our favourites include Kate, Mary of Denmark and Victoria of Sweden. They dress themselves in a stylish and sophisticated way and their children are always well dressed and above all, happy and healthy looking children.

So on that note, I have to admit I’m really excited to see the very first official pictures of Princess Charlotte!

2 thoughts on “What do the Royal children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte wear

  1. Dear Alyaka.

    You are absolutely right and especially the part about having a good sense of taste for quality clothing without opting for too much of high end and luxury brands, choosing quality in front of designer logos.

    Best, Bianca x

  2. I agree, dressing up the royal family would be a great privilege — and of course, that would make a huge difference in marketing. Looks like they are smart enough to avoid becoming ‘chance’ endorsers of a brand. As far as I’ve seen they have a good sense of taste for quality clothing even without opting for too much luxury.

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