Kongens Sløjd – Scandinavian baby and junior interior

Kongens Sløjd is a Danish brand, creating luxurious hand made baby interior products. They use natural fabrics and the collection is kept in a stylish pastel and grey shades colour palette. From baby cloud mobiles to junior crisp cotton bed linen, this is a brand worth noticing if you have little people in the house.

Apparently Will and Kate have retreated to their country home, for some peace and quiet time, enjoying the new baby and adjusting from being three to a family of four. A very clever decision indeed, not always having to do what you think is expected but sometimes just take a step back and do what’s best for you and your family. A bit inspired by this, we are sharing some rather luxurious interior accessories for the kids bedroom and family home, on Little Scandinavian today.

Having a little one is such a precious time. You would want to create a nest, a safe haven for you and your little bundle of joy, where you undisturbed can get to know each other, get into routines and be safe. Then as the toddler grow your home changes with the growing child, you need more storage, more space, but still keeping it simple so you have a calm place to retreat too; A Scandinavian Family Retreat.

Simple and functional design as well as good quality is what we are looking for when choosing interior accessories and decoration for the family home.

Kongens Sløjd meaning the Kings Woodcraft/Workshop, directly translated -is a kids interior brand with design fit for a Prince and a Princess. The brand focus on exceptional quality which is highly visible in the end result and finish. At the same time they are trying to keep prices as low as possible, so that everyone can enjoy their whimsical and charming design.







You can find above products in online children’s shops such as luksusbaby.dk and nubie.co.uk A skye mobile is priced as less than £30, which would make a wonderful gift!

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