Little Artichoke – organic children’s clothing 0 – 4 years from Norway

Oh, oh my – too excited for words today because of a new brand discovery that I simply couldn’t wait to share with you. Lovely Charlott Pettersen’s blog introduced me this morning to the new Norwegian brand, Little Artichoke. A brand offering hand crafted, uniqe clothes for infants and toddlers who wants to explore the world!

The brand came to life on Instagram, when Swedish mum (living in Norway) Michelle posted images of her handmade baby clothing. Michelle had relocated to the West coast of Norway to live with her partner, and spending her days with her new bundle of joy on maternity leave, she got crafty! As a new mum she found it difficult to find unique and eco friendly baby clothes with a reasonable price tag. She decided to make her baby some and brought out her sewing machine. Then logging onto Instagram and posted pictures of the little attires she crafted – and boom! 4000 devoted followers later and the brand and shop Little Artichoke was born.
Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 14.42.46
Parents from all over the world buys from the Little Artichoke Shop with world wide shipping!

All clothes are made in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and they are genderneutral – one essential part of our vision with bold prints that fits every modern kid. Prints and some of the designs are by British printmaker and textile designer Andrea Lauren.

Our favourite pieces and a small sneak peek of the current collection includes

Forrest Bloomers – also available in shorts model for toddlers.

Get one in each size, from newborn to 4 year, of these beautiful Botanical leggings!

This Panda Headband – to cute for words!
Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 14.47.09

To follow this brands delightful news, follow on Little Artichoke on Instagram

To check out the source of this post as well as one of my absolute favourite blogs – head to

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