Mini-Home collection by Mini Rodini – a limited edition kids bedding

Mini Rodini have just launched a new line of organic and upcycled children’s bedding. Made from eco-friendly soft fabrics in a delightful colour palette. All actually made from leftover fabrics from previous collections, which is an excellent chance to revisit favourite prints from previous collections.

The collection consists of a selection of unique blankets and quilts are reversible with patchwork on one side and one solid pattern on the other. The collection is a limited edition, but was launched yesterday (on the 23rd of April), so there;s probably a good chance to secure your upcycled Mini Rodini Mini Home piece. And it’s all goodness – made from 100% organic upcycled cotton, this limited line of bedding starts at £50.


The new collection includes some of the most popular Mini Rodini prints and colours from previous collections, reimagined into a limited line of patchwork blankets and bedspreads for children. The result is simply stunning. I must admit, after the initial first love, I’ve developed a bit of a Mini-Rodini-print-blindness, as in actually going a bit off it. I know so many rave about this brand! But seeing the prints, renewed like this, in such a wonderful combination, makes me fall in love with this Swedish brand, all over again.


Choosing organic bedding is not only commendable from an ethical and environmental standpoint, but also a healthier and safer way to sleep. In addition, all prints and dyes are eco-friendly. With this bedding you can put your little one safely to bed without having to worry about skin and chemicals.

If not for your child, I think this limited edition would make a very special gift to a newborn or to your favourite niece or nephew.

The patchwork bedding is truly Mini Rodini reinvented – we love everything about it! But so does everyone else it seems like, so selling out fast – hurry over to

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