Make your own Scandinavian Easter Sweet Treats

Traditionally we don’t do Easter egg hunt in Scandinavia. But fear not, there are plenty of other sweet treats for Easter. Some are even homemade! The treats are hidden in the children’s Easter Eggs as well as served during coffee breaks and after dinner.

We have bought new Easter Eggs at Totally Swedish this year, ready to be filled with Easter delights.


But not all the sweet treats have to be store bought! For a Scandinavian, there will not be a proper Easter without the Easter Marzipan…
Luckily making your own Easter Marzipan, a Scandinavian speciality, might be easier than you think it is!

Marzipan Easter egg recipe
150 gram icing sugar
150 gram finely ground almonds
1-2 egg whites, until the dough is somewhere between smooth, firm and easy to work with.

Chocolate – Any good quality chocolate would do. We used Green & Black’s organic milk chocolate and 175 gram was more than enough.
Cake decoration.

1. Mix icing sugar and ground almonds in your kitchen aid.
2. Add 1 -2 egg whites until you get a smooth consistency.
3. Wrap in cling film and store in the fridge.

Now that you have marzipan you can make påskeegg/påskägg (Easter eggs). Have yellow food dye at the ready as well as some more icing sugar if needed.

Coat in melted chocolate and dip in a bowl filled with colourful cake decoration.

And of course -it doest all have to be shaped as eggs. Rabbits and chicks are popular shapes as well, coloured in Spring colours. Allow the finished result to cool in the fridge before you serve. God Påske! x

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