How to make a Scandinavian Easter tree; Feather & egg bedazzled twigs!

From classy Scandi Chic muted to Colourful egg-travaganza! Here are some truly beautiful ideas for feather & egg bedazzled twigs and how to create your own Scandinavian Easter tree!

The colorful twigs with feathers are popular all over Scandinavia for Easter. Bound by birch twigs, the påskris was in the 17th century used for Long Friday’s flagellation. Today you source twigs from the forest but you can also buy them at local supermarkets. The twigs are decorated with colourful feathers and hand painted eggs (blown out -not boiled!). Some also decorate with roosters, hens, chickens and witches.

Here are 5 beautiful Scandinavian easter trees, as inspiration to get you started!

Hand painted eggs is my favourite decoration for the Easter tree. It’s a lovely activity for everyone in the family.
© baraetthem

Love the idea of an Easter tree with small decorative birds -will look gorgeous when the green leaves comes out!

A Russian inspired Babushka tree to ad a splash of colours for you home this Spring!
© frknoesroderier

Decorate your twigs with these beautiful grey and white polka dotted feathers from the helmeted guineafowl.
© vitavillavila

Colourful Easter decoration for your front door, a upside Easter tree with feathers to keep the witches out!

We’ve bought feathers from Totally Swedish and hand painted our eggs. Will share the result with you on Facebook. As the Easter tree is up -we can turn our attention to Easter treats… More on the blog tomorrow!

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