Preview of Shampoodle ‘Noble Savage’ for Autumn Winter 2015

Meet the rebels that will never be tamed into the norms and standards of society. Meet the expressionists, the free minded, in a collection where nature, culture & vanity have an equal share. Welcome to Shampoodles barking society.

This is how Shampoodle introduces their new collection for Autumn Winter 2015, along with a series of capturing campaign images, shared with buyers at this seasons trade fairs. And the Shampoodle team has kindly shared some with us too! A small preview on what’s to come, coming Autumn Winter!

The eco-friendly Swedish brand Shampoodle was founded in 2006 by Jacob and Helena. With a background in advertising, photography, game development and project managing, the founders were set to create a global kidswear brand, with ‘childishly comfortable clothes’. Shampoodle thinks age, size and gender are of less importance, and has instead chosen to create children’s collections inspired by fascinating literature, philosophy, science, music and other cultural expressions. Bohemian Sporty, grovy, eclectic -it’s up to you to decide. But the children love the quality as well as the freedom it gives, to play, express and unrestricted develop their personalities.




Cultivate confidence, nurture kindness and never stop believing.

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