Icelandic brand AS WE GROW exhibiting at Playtime Paris

From today, Playtime will stretch the walls of the Parc Floral de Paris to welcome 440 international exhibitors. Amongst them you’ll find an exciting Icelandic childrenswear brand worth taking a closer look at.

AS WE GROW is based in Reykjavík Iceland. They design children’s clothing in 100% natural materials, combining a nordic muted look with a contemporary twist. The brand is a proud producer of slow fashion, creating quality clothing that lasts;

“By being able to use a garment for longer than usual you show respect to the environment, but also create emotional value adding history to long-lived pieces. We hope that as we grow garments will in that way become part of peoples’ history and connect people.”

This is ethos we truly support. Sustainable fashion, because less is more. Live simple with no compromise on quality nor style.










© As we Grow. Photographer: Vigfús Birgisson

AS WE GROW, available for babies age 6 months to children up to 12 years, is available worldwide in selected boutiques, design shops and concept stores. Find out more at

AS WE GROW will be exhibiting Winter 2015 at Playtime Paris, stand m16. Playtime Paris will be open from today, 31st January to 2nd February 2015. For details, see

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  1. Hi!
    I just found your brand and love it! We are a group of single mothers in Kenya who make organic cotton knits- have a look at our site and see what you think. We have worked with many brands to produce to their specs and would love to chat baout how we could work together if you are looking for people who can work with organic cotton!

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