5 Quick and Healthy Recipes for the Family Meal

Revert the kitchen into the coziest room in the house, serving up quick to make, healthy family meals. By planning ahead you are also in a better chance of saving money by buying seasonal foods as well as enjoy good offers the stores may have. A meal plan also means less stress, by not having to decide what to eat, last minute when tired and hungry… Read on to see our 5 Quick and Healthy Recipes for the Family Meal.

The recipes are an estimate, based on 2 adults and 2 children. I’m no chef nor nutritionist but merely sharing ideas on easy family dinners, cooked from scratch, prepared in less than 30 minutes. Use this as inspiration to create the atmosphere you want around the dinner table!

Monday – Salmon in wrap
Grill salmon fillets on foil, 2-3 minutes on each side. Serve in heated whole meal or tortilla wraps together with green salad, apple, cucumber and creme fraiche. Spice it up with Salsa sauce if you like it hot!
Norges Sjømatråd 2012
© Godfisk / Photographer: Esten Borgos
Tip: Serve the ingredients in bowls on the table so each and everyone can make their own wrap, after taste.

Tuesday – Tomato Soup with meatballs
Dice a small onion, fry in the pan together with a clove of finely chopped garlic. Add a spoon of tomato purée, black pepper, 1 tinned box of chopped tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes in equal amounts), 1 litre of beef stock -and simmer. Make meatballs of minced meat, 1 egg and finely sliced onion, mixed together in a bowl. Ad salt, pepper, herbs and chilly after taste. Fry small balls in the pan and ad to the soup when cooked through.
Serve with wholewheat fusilli pasta (ca 250gram when uncooked) and fresh basil.
Tip: To save time, make the meatballs the night before. Serve with breadcrumbs, boiled egg, some grated parmesan or a spoon of crème fraiche.

Wednesday – Cod, mashed potatoes and vegetables
Boil ca 250 grams of baking potatoes, until mashy.
Fry 600 gram cod fillet, 4 minutes on each side, in a pan. Salt and pepper after taste. Back to the mash. Ad a spoon of butter and milk until the potato mash is soft. Salt after taste.
Serve with pan seared broccoli or spring onions and cherry tomatoes.
© Godfisk / Photographer: Synøve Dreyer
Tip: Sprinkle small dices of fried bacon on the cod, for added taste.

Thursday – Farmers omelette
Mix 8 medium sized free range eggs with one chopped onion as well as pepper and Spring onion. Ad 200 gram diced potatoes (Preferably pre-boiled the day before to save time), as well as diced chorizo, meatballs or any other left over you may have in the fridge. Bake in the oven 200 °C for approx. 20 minutes.
Serve with fresh rye bread and butter.
Tip: Add a bit of grated cheeses to your omelette.

Friday – Taco
We make taco from scratch, after Norwegian celebrity chef Hellstrøm’s recipe (here). We will be sharing this in a seperate post. Once tried, you will never go back to ready made salsa, guacamole and the ‘taco dinner kit’. Promise! We enjoy taco night as a family every Friday, with hardly any exception to the rule. It’s a lovely way to end a hectic week and gather the family in the kitchen and around the table.

We always drink water with our meals, expect on Fridays were the girls are treated to soft drink and the adults, a glass of red. There is not dessert or sweet treats on a weekday, only on weekends. This is to try to reduce our sugar consumption. We also try to be careful with salt.

Hope some of these meal ideas gave you a bit of inspiration. Please share your ideas by commenting below, as I’m already re-searching for next weeks family meal plan.

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