The meaning and importance of Christmas in 2014

Is Christmas really a shopping galore and a 10 step process to a successful holiday we can tick off before embarking on another year? Would more material things and luxury goods, foods and drinks really be what we need to be able to celebrate the holiday. With changing times, is this really what Christmas is all about in 2014?

You don’t have to go long back before Christmas was not only a religious celebration but also a time to, for only once a year, indulge. It was poor times and people lived a hard life with little to spare throughout the year. Come Christmas and there would be gifts and endless of food, wonderful food!
Years later, and there’s less physical labour. We have enough food all year round and indulge on a regular basis. We shop things when we ned it and shower our children with what they need and a little bit extra, throughout the year. This makes me wonder. Have the meaning and importance of Christmas changed?

frosty trees

The last thing we need is more things and fatty, sugary food as well more things we have to find space for in our homes. Perhaps with our hectic lifestyle, Christmas is more a time for peacefulness and reflection. In a time where we are always switched on and constantly available, perhaps Christmas is the time to switch off, and for a moment, not being available, for other than who are present and that we will share the Christmas holiday with. Enjoy a little bit of mindfulness, and the peaceful silence that comes when all gadgets and devices are locked away, and the only disruption being the children who slam the door when they run out to play in the snow, the crackling fireplace and laughter around the dinner table, with your loved ones.

I recently went to a small seminar where the speaker started off by saying: I’d like to ask you all to switch of your mobile and computers. We only have two hours together this morning, and I’d like us to spend it together. That we, in this room, can be present.
It made me think that this is what we should do for Christmas too. Ask everyone to be present by switching off.

Spend this Christmas, allowing the world to pass by, to indulge, not in food and luxury goods, but what truly matters, time together with the ones that matters the most.


With Christmas fast approching, it would be lovely to hear your thoughts around this too. Please comment below!

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