A Scandinavian Advent Home – Interior Inspiration

© Vakre Hjem
I read an article yesterday in Evening Standard with the tag line ‘Bring back Advent’, that by celebrating Christmas throughout December the actual day becomes less special. In Scandinavia Advent is still a special time, where we prepare and wait for the holiday to come. It’s also reflected in how we decorate our home for Advent.

Yes, we do tend to love all things white, from interior to our Christmases and Winters in Scandinavia. Perhaps it is so because of the dark season, with little or no daylight during end of December. Lights and candles also becomes an important part. In this Helsinki flat, showing the owners cat making himself comfy on the sofa, there’s a beautiful yet simple fairy lights display on reclaimed wood, sure to light up dark evenings. Note the fresh pine and bunting too as well as monochrome throws and cushions -Cosy and relaxed.
Shared by My Scandinavian Home

And it’s not all white, any colours or elements from nature will be perfect in your Scandinavian Advent home.

And there’s no advent without Amaryllis! It will grow and open up just in time for Christrmas.

So to sum it up, keep it simple with advent candle and subtle details from nature.

Wishing you all a peaceful Advent!

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