Memini AW14 with Nostalgic Nordic Kids Knitwear

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Nordic knits, faux fur, crisp cotton shirts, soft denim, beautiful dresses, cardigans and winter coats. Norwegian brand Memini offers children between age 0 to 10 years a complete wardrobe of gorgeous nostalgic childrenswear, pretty but not too precious so you can’t play. One of the most popular brands in Norway, among children and parents alike.

The above picture of the adorable girl by Mary Ann Bringedal is from a recent Memini Facebook post. And to me this is exactly what this brand is all about; Functional without compromising on style, for little ones. The Memini Autumn Winter 2014 collection’s highlight includes the nordic knitted sweaters, cardigans, dresses, hats and mittens with names such as ‘Eskimo’, ‘Forest’ and ‘Deer’, you just now that this is must have pieces for the coming holiday season.



We are especially in love with this unisex eskimo pattern! You can see the complete Memini collection for AW14 here,

The passionate designer Kristine Vikse, a pioneer in the Norwegian kidswear industry, wrote an article in the Norwegian financial newspaper, about the topic of Norwegian fashion, which I found very interesting. If you understand Norwegian (or know how to use Google translator) you can find it here.

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