A Christmas Carol – Our favourite Christmas Adverts for 2014

M&S Christmas ad 2014
We spent this chilly November morning indoors, looking through the new TV ads launched this week, for the coming holiday season. And in case you haven’t seen them, we thought we might as well share our findings with you. From Norwegian ‘julemarsipan’ to international luxury brands, this is our favourite Christmas Adverts for 2014.

Christmas adverts are entertaining and are designed to bring you in a festive mood. It’s the advertisings industry’s very own annual Christmas carol. Expensive to produce, but such a treat to watch!

The Norwegian chocolate and confectionary brand, Nidar Bergene, does the best Christmas adverts for their Christmas products, every year. This is Nidar Bergene Julesjokolade for 2014.

And I can’t help share our long term favourite… Also by Nidar Bergene. This to me is Christmas!

In the UK, the high end department stores and luxury brands released their Christmas adverts this week.

Charming 12 year old Romeo Beckham is starring as a sweet little cupid in this romantic Burberry Christmas advert.

Harrods has created a Christmas advert clearly inspired by traditional Christmas stories; Harrods Christmas 2014 – ‘The Land of Make Believe’

The new John Lewis Christmas TV advert with #MontyThePenguin was Little A’s favourite.

And there’s magic this Christmas with Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert 2014 #FollowTheFairies

Which one is your favourite? And if it’s not included here, please share the one you like below!

One thought on “A Christmas Carol – Our favourite Christmas Adverts for 2014

  1. Well it’s got to be the Marcipan Pig ad – love those gold angels at the beginning, remind me of the chimes my mother had as a kid. Then the marcipan pig itself brings back memories of eating bowls of Danish rice pudding at my aunt’s house only to have my morfar find the almond and win the prized pig! Was just telling my daughter about this tradition the other day – she loves rice pudding as do I now (the one with the whipped cream). As for the John Lewis ad I just can’t thinking it’s a really bad copy of Pondus which I grew up on so am just not keen.

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