Why I Love the Arctic Scandinavian Winter

snow_in Hair
Photo: © lalulutres.tumblr.com
I know it’s only September, but the very first layer of fine, white, powdery snow is covering the mountaintops in Scandinavia. And I can’t help feeling childishly excited about the snow, longing for winter, longing for the first frost, outdoor fun, the hot drink to warm frozen hands and those long nights in front of the fireplace. This is why I love Winter!

The first frost
© via Pinterest Minnaso Tumblr (site is taken down)

The soft knitwear, in wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk mixes…
© That Nordic Feeling

Playing and spending time outdoors -sledging and skiing or just going for a walk
© Visit Røros, Norway

Snow Angels appearing in the snow…

Warming cold hands on a mug of hot chocolate
© melk.no

Driving on snowy roads, through the white landscape
© via Pinterest, linking to Flicker

A place in front of the crackling fire

Stunning night skies
Melkeveien over Demmevass
© Photo: Espen Haagensen The miky way above the Demmevass DNT hut, Hordaland, Norway

3 thoughts on “Why I Love the Arctic Scandinavian Winter

  1. Thank you Bev -and I thought the Milkay Way was a great picture too! Nothing like the night sky during the arctic winter -from milky way to Northern Lights! x

  2. Absolutely beautiful post. I worked for a large Scandinavian company for many years and was lucky enough to visit Sweden and Denmark regularly. Stunning. Loving the milky way at the end 🙂

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