Maggie & Rose, the family members club in Kensington, relaunched!

Maggie & Rose family members club was opened in Kensington in 2007 by two mums who wanted to provide a place for families to meet up and relax with their little ones in tow. The Kensington branch was recently refurbished and it is now boasting a treehouse inspired softplay area for kids to explore and have fun.

There’s also a cool mini brasserie for family dining, and lots of different classes and parties options. We love the kitchen that accommodates for children’s cooking classes!

Yes it’s a members club, and spaces have been reduced combined with that the club is no longer open to non-members. For enquiries, drop the lovely Maggie & Rose team a line at or visit





Member clubs and play centre concepts are very non Scandinavian, although the Nordic countries have seen a rise in indoor play centres too over the last decade. But London as a large cosmopolitan city is different from life in Scandinavia. It’s an unbelievable amount of people, there’s hectic lives, with long working hours and incredibly high nursery fees. I can see the market for clubs like Maggie & Rose, although we are not members. Our children are too old (9 and 12) and we prefer to spend our spare time outdoors. However, this is a great offer, a destination regardless of rain or shine -and a relaxed and safe hang out for families with young children.

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