It’s still balmy Summer days in Norway, at Little Mountains

Little Mountains
Little Mountains is a brand from Norway producing children’s clothing using delightful natural materials such as soft wool and organic cotton in a muted nature based colour palette but with a contemporary twist to it with an added detail in contrast colour, theres dreamy prints and the knitwear is inspired by long standing Nordic traditions.

Although the collections being inspired by Norwegian knitwear heritage there’s something truly fresh about every collection delivered by Little Mountains. It’s down to earth yet it has a modern and eclectic feel to it,which is just right for the child that likes to spend long balmy simmer days, playing outdoors with friends, bicycling, climbing trees, collect beetles, picking flowers or just lie in the grass to watch clouds drift past.





Little Mountains is on top of my list for favourite brands, a children’s brand I think will be suitable for rural Norway and the Norwegian countryside as it would in the trendy streets of London or New York. Because kids will be kids. Currently not yet discovered outside Norway, but do have a look at retailers at

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