Baby & Me Style Awards: Ida Ising, Best Changing Bag 2014

Did you know that the Danish Ida Ising won the Baby & Me Style Awards for Best Changing Bag 2014 in the UK? And why are we not surprised? It’s a beautiful fold-out changing bag, practical in a waterproof material with luxurious leather details and Liberty London Art Fabrics lining -designed for those effortlessly chic new mums and dads out there!

The idea for the design was born when Ida Ising had her first son back in December 2007 and her mother-in-law gave her a homemade changing bag. She quickly realised that the washable and practical changing bag offered both comfort for the baby yet being highly functional to use, and it looked stylish. Ida explains: “Lots of our friends started to ask me where I got this changing bag from, if they could buy one or if I could make one for them. I started to sew, to re-design the changing bag into what I thought would be the perfect changing bag. The idea about making my own production one day, began to grow. In 2011 my husband and I had our second child and I decided to start with my brand new production of changing bags and a few other things I had on my mind.”

And only 3 years later Ida Ising go on to be awarded the best changing bag in the UK!

The verdict: “Putting a modern spin on the traditional Scandinavian homemade changing bag, Ida Ising has created a masterpiece of form and function. Featuring a comfortable changing mattress inside, deep pockets for nappies, wipes and extra clothes, and a large zipper pocket on the outside for your phone, wallet and more, this is the quintessential changing bag for today’s on-the-go families. Not to mention, it has that cool Nordic look fitting for both mothers and fathers.”
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When my girls were born I chose changing bags that matched the pushchair -which turned out to be a big fail. It may have looked stylish hanging from the pushchair, colour co-ordinated and all, but it was completely unpractical. And the quality was not great. I had to buy a new one that I never liked as it felt big and bulky, and at the same time it was lack of space!? I stopped using this after a few months and resorted to a larger handbag instead. If only Ida Ising had been around a few years earlier… What is important to you when choosing a changing bag?

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