Almondella a monthly box of delightful products for you and your baby

“I appreciate beauty in all things. Beauty to me means balance, peacefulness, soul, purpose, earth-friendliness and practicality, and the knowledge that someone has put a lot of effort and thought into making it.”
See what was in the Almondella box that arrived on our doorstep this morning!

UPDATE: Almondella closed down June 2016.

This is the inspiration for Almondella. Supporting new mums and mums to be with thoughtful, useful products and to let you discover wonderful new products, every month. You simply register at with information about you and your child, your preferences in design, colours etc. All to make sure you will truly enjoy your unique monthly Almondella box. With no extra charges the box arrives conveniently on your doorstep, the content is beautifully presented in tissue papers, with some sweet treats even added alongside presentation of this months products.

The Almondella crew know what you need before you do! Finish company Almondella was founded in 2012 and is run by Sanna (degree in psychology and mum of 3 year old Lilja), Rosalinde (masters degree in industrial design and mum of three sons, a 4-year-old and 2-year-old twins) and Hanna (BA in fine arts and design). The ladies all have a passion and interest for ethical and functional baby products.

We had registered for the newest member of the Little Scandinavian review team, Little S who was born mid May. The website was really easy and fun to use too. And shortly after we received a box for the baby’s first trip outside; A letter with helpful advice and encouraging words on how you’ll best venture safely out with the newborn.

Poco Nido roses pale pink baby shoes, retail £18. Poco Nido offer limited edition kids clothing, based in Sheffield UK. This is a beautiful little pair of cotton and suede pull on baby shoes is suitable for non walkers and walking babies.

Raven comfortable and stylish leggings from the Icelandic brand, Mói. Retails for £24. This is a versatile pair of little organic cotton leggings, in dark grey featuring a Nordic style raven bird print. Super cool.

Soother Holder by Franck & Fisher, a Danish design brand for children using organic cotton and natural materials producing toys, interior and accessories. The very core of their collections is cute looking figures of animals. The soother holder has a practical clip for fastening. Retail £12.

Washing bag by Imsevimse is a waterproof and washable drawstring bag made of laminated polyester. Imsevimse is a new ethical brand from Sweden, producing functional products for mum and child. Perfect for bringing wet cloth diapers, or wet and dirty bibs and clothes. Use it at home, or when you’re out and about. Retail price £11.

Especially as a new mum you wouldn’t know what you would need when out and about with your new baby, but with a helping hand from Almondella your little one would be practical and comfortable dressed in soft cotton, no pacifier would get lost and the wet baby clothes after change would be neatly tucked away in a waterproof drawstring bag. Being a mum have never been easier or more enjoyable.

Monthly subscription is €45, when you sign up for 12 months. You will always have a chance to preview the products and skip a box, if you please. We recommend to try this wonderful service with the Almondella trial box for €15

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