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Weekend and shifting weather, a growing ironing pile, in-laws arriving in a few hours and kids still in nighties. I’ve chosen to spend the morning rather indulgently, finishing a book I was reading and enjoying a completely ‘me time’. Blissful! But all good things have to come to an end and the chores are calling. Meanwhile I thought I’d share the top 5 most read posts on Little Scandinavian this year. It’s alway interesting to see…

Most searched for on Little Scandinavian is children’s fashion, children’s design and children’s toys. Runners up are:

1. Angulus
Angulus_childrens_shoes_spring_summer_2014 (8)
The most popular post on Little Scandinavian, since July 2014, the absolutely most read, was a post featuring a sneak peek of the adorable collection from danish shoe designer brand, Angulus. Know for it’s superb fit, comfort and style, no wonder you wanted to see the new collection and where you could get hold of it. Angulus children’s shoes for Spring Summer 2014

2. Children’s bedding
Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 14.47.39
No doubt there’s a gap in the market when it comes to baby, children’s and junior bedding. Crisp cotton and gorgeous design is what is on offer from our favourite Scandinavian brands. All posts on Little Scandinavian featuring children’s bed linen is ranking high, but this is the most popular; Top 5 Best Scandinavian children’s bedding

3. BangBang Copenhagen
Scandinavian children’s fashion brands are trending as key words on Little Scandinavian. But the most searched for brand is BangBang Copenhagen. The quirky and colourful brand from Copenhagen, Denmark has managed to establish a name for themselves, without going mainstream. Always true to their passion for children with a distinctive playful and artistic design.

4. Leander vs Stokke
nursery stokke cot
Another popular post is the one featuring the two top Scandinavian baby cots, Leander and Stokke. Both grow with the child and are timeless interior pieces. We compared the design, functionality, specifications and price in Leander vs Stokke. So which one was our favourite? Or more importantly, which is your favourite?

5. Pale Cloud
Josie Top Chaya Skirt Marissa Jumpsuit Yoko Belt Zoe Dress
Trending since we first discovered the fantastic luxury clothing brand for girls, Pale Cloud is always among top five brands searched for on Little Scandinavian. And not to disappoint you, we have a post in the pipeline, featuring a sneak peek of Spring Summer 2015 (as seen in image above). Tbc…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope you make time, some ‘me time’ too, either with a book or a blog.
Happy Saturday!

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