MiniWilla Swedish children’s design and interior in England

Our latest Instagram crush is called MiniWilla. And we are not alone! More than 23k followers loves the visual updates from this playful Swedish kids brand. With monochrome and subtle colours, playful illustrations and cool life quotes, these posters were exactly what we were looking for; a punchy poster for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

With funky illustrations and simple but powerful quotes like ‘ME YOU WE’, ‘THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT’ and ‘LIFE IS TO SHORT TO WEAR MATCHING SOCKS’ these posters has become an instant hit among design lovers around the globe. MiniWilla is run by the creative design duo Sandra and Marcus who together compose playful and stylish graphic posters for the family home. Origianlly the posters were intended to be for their own home, but when orders from family, friends and friends of friends started pouring in, they decided to start up the business. The posters are printed locally, in Sweden, retails from £12.



Retailers in England include Abacus Kids, Molly-meg, The Modern Baby, Violet and Percy and Scandinavian Minimall


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