Cool rides for the School Run

Christiania - Light, Cream box, Two children from front
Getting to and from School isn’t alway being on the run in a hurry. It can be a rather fun event and precious moment as well. We love these Danish bikes with room for up to 4 children. A mum at school pedals all the hills up to our school on one of these. That’s a gym bill to deduct from the family budget just there! But there’s more cool rides worth checking out!

We’ve previously gushed about our own school run, being so fortunate to live in walking distance from the school, passing beautiful wood lands and walking through tranquil cobbled Victorian passages, before we kiss goodbye by the school gates.
This morning I couldn’t help noticing a girl being dropped off by her granddad in this fantastically cool veteran sports car, straight out of a James Bond movie. With him creating a fuss about her, as a proper gentleman running around the car to open the door for her, she was beaming with pride and joy. Such a lovely way to start a Monday morning!

I always dreamed of being picked up in a sports car as child… Then followed by this sight we ran into a mum helping her child off the Vespa they’d parked outside the school gates. Looked rather nice too, on a sunny morning like this.
© Vespa discovered on Flicker vi Pinterest

But of course, nothing beats the ride you get on your own feet! Busses, tubes and trains is not a bad way to start the day if you do not live within walking distance. And there’s no hassle of traffic and finding a parking space. Love this vintage photo as it reminds me of my own two darling daughters, walking together to school.
© Pinterest

How do you do the school run? Would love to know, please comment below.

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