How to create Anja’s fairytale look from The Christmas Wish

You might have picked up my post about adorable Anja from the the book “The Christmas Wish”? The little girl that works hard to help everyone, and that leaves her home to find Santa to help him too. It’s not only the snowy landscape and the arctic animals she meets along her journey that captivates us, it’s also her colourful and traditional costume. So what is she wearing?

Anja from The Christmas Wish has been styled by her mum, the author of the book, Lori Evert. And Lori have indulged in the best of what Norwegian design has to offer; the native folk costumes.
So from top to toe… Anja is wearing:

The hat: The red santa hat is a “Rødnisse lue”, inspired by the Norwegian TV series, Jul i Blåfjell and Månetoppen (Magic Silver), produced as a pre-Christmas series. It’s knitted in wool then felted. There’s plenty on recipes online, search for “blånisselue”.
The dress: The dress is a Hallingstakk, a children’s folk costume from Hallingdal, Norway. These costumes, generously layered with lots of fabric, are made to grow with the child. Little B got one when she was 3 years old it lasted until she was 10.
The jumper: Knitted wool jumper with a traditional star pattern. For inspiration, search for “strikkemønster med Hallingstjerne”. Or alternatively, knit a traditional “Fanakofte”.
The gloves: The gloves are knitted wool mittens in the popular Norwegian “Selbuvotter” style. Again, similar pattern as the in the jumper. These are easy to knit or can be bought from or
The boots: The funny looking furry winter boots is in fact traditional boots used by the Sami people. Hand made in reindeer skin and filled with dry grass to stay warm during the colder months. They are called “Skaller” and are custom made. You may consider Selskinnsko or Nessna Lobben as more affordable alternatives.
Rosie cheeks: From enjoying outdoor play during the colder months -will complete any outfit!

Jumina is one Norwegian children’s brands that share the same passion for and takes inspiration from traditional Norwegian costume tradition. Also do take a look at Memini by Kristine Vikse, Little Mountains and Mole of Norway.

Ål i Hallingdal in the oldendays

Traditional shirts to be used with the Norwegian folk costume, “Hallingdal Stakk”

It’s common to knit Norwegian folk costumes for the youngest children

Traditional Sami boots, “Skaller”

3 thoughts on “How to create Anja’s fairytale look from The Christmas Wish

  1. Hej! The Sami boots are just perfect! How interesting to see where all these items come from! Lori Evert did a great job! Anja looks adorable and so, so real and magical at the same time. I love that Norwegian clothes are so colourful, I guess they need to be seen when surrounded by snow. In Barcelona is not very cold, but I’d love to find this typical knitted jumper for my son anyway. Thanks for all the tips!

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