Minimalisma children’s clothes, clean Scandinavian design

Minimalisima offers the softest and finest clothing range for newborn to two years old children. Clean Scandinavian simplicity with a mothers general quality consciousness from the remote Faroe Island, each style produced in the best possible materials such as silk, cashmere, linen and the finest cotton qualities.

Each piece will feel luxuriously soft next to your baby’s skin so there is no itch or scratch. All styles have been designed with comfort in mind, so there are no tight strings or elastics to discomfort your child. Especially designed for newborn and children up to 2 years.
We first discovered this brand when it was introduced to us through the swiss blog, We’ve since explored the world of beautiful baby clothes, designed by Danish Maja, originally from the Faroe Island. The collection is limited, subtle in colours and timeless in design. Just that little piece of the best of what Scandinavian design has to offer.
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