Fabelab -a bird, a blanket and a sleeping bag your baby will love

We have a strong believe in multifunctional design, products that can change according to needs. Danish design brand Fabelab is one to watch with their play-fold-bird, a sheer genius baby and toddler product; Unfolded it’s a beautiful baby blanket. But when folded it becomes a comfortable sleeping bag for babies or a cuddly origami bird to play with.


The blanket will follow your child development. As a comfortable and beautiful quilted patchwork blanket for the newborn, as a cuddly nest in the pram and crib for the baby. Later on it will be your child’s play mat and an inspiring toy for creative and active toddlers.



The Fabelab play-fold-bird is inspired by ancient Asian origami technique, combined with Danish simplicity it can be shaped in ways that only children’s imagination limits. The stitched patterning functions as fold lines and some well-placed ties ensures a easy transition from blanket to sleeping bag or bird. Available in 6 different colour combinations.



“In my opinion, FABELAB is one of the most innovative and exciting, upcoming children’s brand in Denmark. Their Play-Fold-Bird is sheer genious; a blanket, which in turn works as both a sleeping bag for babies or a cuddly origami bird. FABELAB is definitely the one to watch!” blogger Ann Sofie from Mitudtryk Blog

Visit fabelab.dk to find out more or meet the designer and hear her story over at the lovely Danish blog mitudtryk.dk

2 thoughts on “Fabelab -a bird, a blanket and a sleeping bag your baby will love

  1. Dear Ann-Sophie. I was just about to email you to say thank you for the inspiration. It was after discovering Fabelab on your lovely blog that I decided to feature it too. Love your blog. Always such an inspiration. Love, Bianca x

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