Hope your Saturday is a Sweet one!

Saturday and weekend! Hope you’ve enjoyed a lie in and a looong breakfast. If that’s not been the case why not treat yourself a bit this afternoon? With some sweet treats and cup of tea? Get hold of today’s newspaper or your favourite magazine, and create some solitude on a Saturday, some quiet “me time”. Simply because you deserve it!

How to do it? Tell your children it’s tidy-up time, and that they’ll be having sweet treats with you if the room is approved upon inspection. If the children’s bedroom is all tidy, then give your children a large box of Lego or Duplo and ask them to build a village. Or you can provide them with paper and crayon and commission your portrait -demanding there shouldn’t be any “white spaces” left on the sheet when finished.

Recently I met the Norwegian artist, Katrine Storebo, and was taken by her nostalgic family and children portraits. Her paintings express the energy and magic a moment holds through the use of bright colours and quick brushstrokes. We especially like the below commissioned painting. See more of the London based artist work at katrinestorebo.com

And on this note, I wish you a relaxing and peaceful weekend! Love Bianca x

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