Mother and Daughter

Already when pregnant I felt a bond forming with the new life inside. And I can especially remember the first night I shared with my newborn by my side. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. During the first year we were so much together that I honestly think it didn’t occur to her that we were in fact two different people.
Then gradually her independence was building up; She started to walk, she learned to eat her dinner with a knife and fork, I cheered when she showed me she could tie her own shoe laces, then suddenly she knew how to cross the street safely and before I knew it she could let go of my hand. But our relationship is unchanged. She will always be my daughter and I will always be her mother. When our eyes meet, there’s this strong sense of belonging and a silent way of communicating love, respect and understanding. That, to me, is what a Mother Daughter relationship is all about.


The commercial industry is increasingly focusing on human relations as a sales and marketing strategy when offering services and products. Consequently there’s a growing demand for Mother and Daughter fashion lines. And by that I’m not thinking of the “Mini Me” trend, embraced by celebrities and fashion magazines, where children are dressed like adults.
Children’s clothes was invented only a century ago, today leading the way in the world of fashion in regards to creative design, natural fabrics and eco-friendliness. Dressing children as adults would seem to take a step back in recent development. When that’s said it’s a more friendly Mother and Daughter concept available, that emphasises a different side of the relationship. Rather than wanting your daughter to be like you, you’d like the two of you to be together, as a team. And there are brands that offers functional and comfortable clothes, suitable for both parent and child.



© Norlie. Danish designer brand Norlie offers beautiful knitwear for Mother and Daughter this season.

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And some interesting words and wisdom about the mother and daughter bond, Dr Christian Northrup

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  1. Dear Emi. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure the mum&child relationship is special, regardless wether the child is a girls or a boy. Love the matching outfits you’ve chosen -very cool child and hip mama! Love Bianca x

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