Back to school the Scandinavian way -Old School Style

Back to School craze is looming and over the coming week we’ll be featuring everything from healthy packed school lunches to soft leather school shoes. And everything in between.

Meanwhile, we’ve shared a few images from a Scandinavian school, 19 century school in Norway. The building from mid 1800 is open for visitors during the school holidays. Well worth a visit.

This week on Go Scandinavian, the women’s fashion and lifestyle blog I write, features time for SPA with L.a Bruket. Eco friendly designer soaps and spa products, locally sourced and made on the West coast of Sweden. Fashion features includes a look at Autumn news and feminine styles by Designers Remix and a little bit of coulorful glam by Nina Jarebrink. You still need to help me out with choosing the colour on the Acne pistol boots, as one in each has not been approved by the bank… And talking about How to Spend it! We’ve decided to collect dinnerware by Royal Copenhagen. Finally.
Tomorrow is design a kitchen day and for next week we’ll look into ‘must haves’ and stylish ideas for your autumn wardrobe. Hope to see you over at

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