Tuss aesthetic and contemporary Scandinavian children’s fashion

With more than 9 years designing, the Stockholm based fashion house Tuss, “the Ultimate Simple Solution”, has stayed true to origin. To create exclusive children’s fashion, limited edition pieces and a recognisable understated and minimalistic signature style. The Tuss AW13 sees a bit of a rock chic edge, still dominated by a monochrome black and white look.

The campaign images by Tuss are in line with the company ethos. We like the tulip shaped, Vera dress by Tuss. It’s almost like a oversized sweater, versatile 3/4 length sleeve dress with pleated front and side pockets. The baby cotton essentials also offers minimalistic every day luxury for the youngest members of the family. The Tuss collection is available for children up to 12 years. When less is more. Source your kids ultimate contemporary style at tusshop.se

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