Where to enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch when in Copenhagen

Noma, the worlds best restaurant, has firmly placed Copenhagen as the capital of culinary excellence. But there’s is far more affordable and easier ways of discover Copenhagens famous food arena. You could simply head over to the market, Torvhallerne, for a great selection and to sample some traditional Scandinavian delicatessen.

Traditionally Denmark has been renown for their bakeries. I’ve vivid memories from a summerhouse in Denmark, bicycling down to the local bakery in the morning to pick up some fresh buns sprinkled with sesame seed. Then, as soon as we got home (and whilst the coffee was brewing, it would be served with butter and strawberry jam. So simple, yet too delicious for words. So we would say, breakfast, brunch or even lunch is a must-do, when in Copenhagen.

Visit Copenhagen have listed the Top 10 breakfast venues in Copenhagen. May we ad our favourite, the Royal Cafe.

For lunch we would love to recommend Restaurant Radio, that’s included in Visit Copenhagen’s 10 best organic restaurants.



If you have any recommendations, secret gems of eateries in Copenhagen, please share it with us!

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