Frantic Friday – Dreaming of your summer holiday?

There is an eventful weekend ahead, for sure. There’s the Nordic culture event, Nordicana, taking place at the Farmiloe Building in London. UK Scandi-philes should not miss this family event. Then there’s Fathersday on Sunday. If you haven’t organised anyhting yet, there’s still time. Bake (or buy) some cinnamon buns, remember to have his favourite coffee in the house for Sunday morning -and check out, for some last minute ideas, the Father’s Day 2013 gift roundup Scandinavian Style. Do not despair. Home made cards, ensuring him he’s the Best Dad in the World will probably be just fine. Less is more.
Little A wearing Pale Cloud SS13 – wishing you all a peaceful week.

Then there’s the UK kidswear trade show, Bubble London, kicking off this Sunday. We’ll probably be there on Monday. Let me know if you’ll be going too, and would like to meet up. There’s always time for coffee.

This week we were inspired by the beautiful blog Handmade Charlotte. Contributor, and fellow blogger Kickcan and Conkers, has done a great list on how to avoid boredom this summer. See the Craft kits for kids, roundup here.
Another inspirational blog post I found was the Rent the life via Design Mom. Just perfect when dreaming of the Summer holiday ahead.
And talking about summer holiday… This is an old but oh so entertaining article from Daily Mail, how to pack a perfect holiday suitcase. You can follow the step by step advise, or do like us. Admire other people organisations skills, and then, very last minute, pack together with the children, with your fingers crossed, hoping there will be enough underwear and not too many tees and favourite teddies. As you can see there’s a lot of daydreaming, whisking us away to sandy beaches and blue oceans… Have you booked your holiday yet? Let us know, we would love to hear what you are up to this summer. And any ideas and advise on fun things for families to do, let us know!

Quote of the week: “Farewell Junior (Magazine), sad to see you go but all the values of great design, quality production and just damn cool stuff will be carried on at” Smudgetikka -you rock! x

One thought on “Frantic Friday – Dreaming of your summer holiday?

  1. I’m missing a few key Star Wars frguies myself, which is odd for being such a typical fan of both Star Wars and LEGO while also having been buying sets from the theme for years. Chewy I’ve got from a random set that was part of the Clone Wars theme, but C3P0 of all things eludes me! I know, I should just bite the bullet and get the land speeder that’s still in stores I actually don’t have the princess either, but a ton of R2s! Must get those new Ewoks still!

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