Wool and kids, a chat with Danish children’s shop owner in Hackney

This morning we headed to Hoxton to meet Anna, a Danish mum and entrepreneur -and to try out the award winning* Swedish bakery Fabrique. Sadly the bakery was closed on Mondays, but we did meet up with Anna and together we headed to another nice Hackney eatery, Bagel for coffee and freshly baked pastries. And for a chat about wool.
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© Little Scandinavian. 1. View from Hoxton station. 2. Anna, owner of Mama Owl.
Anna, a mum of Emil age 2 has lived in London for more than 15 years. She’s originally from Denmark but settled here with husband and a career as a photographer. But after having their firstborn, Anna found it a challenge to get hold of proper wool clothes for her child. In Scandinavia we are spoilt for choice. So one would think that in a large city like London, also with a climate similar to Denmark with cold and wet winters, that there would be a decent selection of kidswear in wool available. But truth is it’s far between shops that sell any wool clothing at all. This was what prompted Anna to enter the wool business.
© Mama Owl
Anna then decided to found an online shop, called MamaOwl, selling natural baby and kids clothes for newborn and up to age 7. And we’ve only seen the beginning of the shop, launched in November 2012. There will be lots more exciting brands in store, especially from August 2013. We had a quick browse now and found already in store desirable essentials like wool silk tee and singlets, and very reasonably priced I must ad.
Scandinavian mums dress their children in wool from early autumn and throughout Spring. An inner layer of pure wool helps to regulate your child’s temperature, it warms when it’s cold and cools when it’s hot, explains Anna. And I agree. My girls would often have a soft wool singlet underneath their school uniform. So soft and gentle on sensitive skin as well.
© Mama Owl

MamaOwl is based in Hackney, East London but offers world wide shipping. Check out mamaowl.net

* Awarded Top 5 best bakeries in London by the Financial Times 2013.

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