Christina Rohde Liberty prints and relaxed styles for Summer 2013

Danish designer Christina Rohde, almost regarded a veteran in the Scandinavian Fashion industry with the children’s clothing brand dating back to 1991. In fact Christina Rohde was the brand that opened my eyes to children’s designerwear.
Having a child can be quite owerwhelming, and it’s nothing you’d like more than giving your newborn the very best. But the very best, a few French brands that was available in Oslo at the time, cost a small fortune. Then one autumn day, a Christina Rohde dress came dancing into our lives. And I discovered an entire new world of well made high quality affordable children’s fashion. Christina Rohde has since then delivered one gorgeous collection after the other.




Christina Rohde Summer 2013, with a base of essential subtle shades introduces new vibrant colours such as emerald green, burnt red and steel blue. But probably what’s most important is how versatile the styles are, and that they will fit nicely into and update any summer wardrobe. Some of the styles will also last into the colder autumn months.

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