Pale Cloud and Spring is in the air -enjoy gardening!

Don’t know about you, but I have this wonderful feeling of Spring; sunshine, birds singing, children playing outdoors and gardening!
We’ve been enjoying quite a lot of gardening over the last few days. Allowing the girls to join in, removing weed and replacing it with tiny seeds. In a few months there will be herbs, tomatoes and lots more from our little green patch outside our house. I find gardening quite therapeutic as well, as it really takes your mind away from everyday stress. But perhaps most of all, it makes you look forward to warmer days when you can gather family and friends for garden parties. So enjoyable for the whole family, from the very first preparations to the very last late night conversations over a burning candle on the patio table…

Pale Cloud Spring Summer 2013 collection is suitably dreamy and makes me look forward to warmer days, when there’s laughter in the air and bare feet in the grass!
ยฉ Pale Cloud

Picture 1 Pale Cloud Elfie Silk Top styled with Florence Pants
Picture 2 Pale Cloud Pauline Dress in silk
Picture 3 Pale Cloud Hazel Dress in crinkled silk

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