Loungewear for children by Frosk Wear -perfect for the holiday

Half term is upon, allowing our children a weeks break from school and activities. A week of relaxation and fun lies a head. With the school uniform tucked away this is their opportunity to wear comfortable clothes. Lounge wear from Frosk Wear are super sweet and make a nice change from shirt and polished shoes. Frosk Wear teamed up with photographer Silje Glefjell to do this holiday campaign images -so dreamy! See more at froskwear.com and glefjell.com
© Frosk Wear Photos by Silje Glefjell Photography.

Bente Nilssen, the Norwegian designer of Frosk wear, a Texas-based children’s clothing brand, believes in the wonder of children and makes clothes that reflect their personality. Pulling inspiration from nature, each piece creates a timeless quality without fancy designs that may distract from the most important element -the child who’s wearing it.

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