Happy Valentine’s Day!

In Norway Valentines Day is called “Alle hjerters dag” (All hearts day). It’s not a common tradition in Scandinavia, but I don’t see the reason why not to celebrate love. But what is love?
The Guardian had a piece on five theories on What is love. None of them quite describing my feeling. I guess love is very individual. To me love is the feeling when I discover the first sign of Spring with flowers popping up from the ground, the smell and sound of the coffee brewing in the kitchen in the morning, little hands to hold on the way to school, a hasty kiss after a romantic lunch, a friend calling just to say hello, the pale pink skye in the afternoon and last but not least the lovely generous comments on the blog and all the emails and lots more. I truly feel blessed, being surrounded by so much happiness and love. SO What does love mean to you?
Valentines day inspiration / Photography by: White Loft Studio / Design & Styling by: Style Me Pretty at Home

The celebrations of the Day of Love would include a nice bottle of bubbly, a nice dinner with the family. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Wish you all love, joy and happiness and a Happy All Hearts Day!

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