When it’s all depending on… Top 5 East London Coffee Shops

Did you know that the Scandinavian countries consume the most coffee in the world? A Norwegian consume 10.7kg whilst in comparison a Brit would only consume 1.2kg per year. We Scandinavians love our coffee! Traditionally it is to be served black. But as of recent years, with world class baristas opening up coffee bars in the Nordic countries, more milky coffee drinks like cafe latte is gaining popularity.

As a Norwegian in the UK, I’m on the constant search for the best coffee bars, with coffee brewed on freshly roasted beans, milk steamed to creamy perfection and blended into a cup of amazing coffee art. This is in fact dictating how I manoeuvre my way through the city. Hard to please, but more often pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee and barista expertise around in our city. Our favourite places, where the coffee will not disappoint includes

Protein by Dunnefrankowski
18 Hewett Street, London
In the heart of East London, in a 3-storey warehouse, on the ground floor you’ll find PROTEIN BY DUNNEFRANKOWSKI, a designed modular multi-purpose coffee bar. The two coffee connoisseurs have crafted a coffee bar that works under the ethos of functionality over form, focusing on presentation, service and design. It’s a space that can be run comfortably by a maximum two people, and also be taken and re-created in a variety of spaces… (Watch this space?) Nevertheless, it’s for now the place to go, in fact our number one destination, for a good cup of coffee. Accompanied by exhibitions in the next door gallery, classical music on the radio or just a friendly chat with fellow coffee lovers.
Β© Protein by Dunnefrankowski in 18 HS

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
14-16 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7SU
Finely made espresso coffees served in a laid back and friendly setting. Also, do not leave without picking up arguably the areas most tasty sandwiches and freshly baked pastries and cakes. This is our number one brunch place in London.

11-13 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QD
Not only for coffee but in fact a superb lunch place for the whole family. And you get to enjoy one of London’s best cup of coffee’s as a bonus. The coffee beans are roasted onsite, and their espresso is made from a blend of ethical sourced coffees designed to match the season.

Ozone Coffee
11 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4AQ
Again, a lot more than a coffee bar and roastery. The British traditional menu along with excellent coffee has made this coffee bar and restaurant tremendously popular. So if you like to enjoy your cup of coffee in tranquility -go somewhere else. However, centrally located by the Old Street tube, this 2 storey trendy place serves up great coffee experience.

Taylor Street Barista
1A New St, London EC2M 4TP
Although, due to recent years success, this coffee bar is now developed into a coffee chain with multiple locations. Our favourite, and included in our list, is the tiny pedestrianised haven that sneaks off the hustle and bustle of Bishopsgate. You walk in one door, through the bar and out the other. In-between there’s seating for 6. Staff is smiling and the coffee -superb!

Now, there’s obvious more places that serves great coffee. Do you know any that should have been included in this list?

*SOURCE: Global Market Information Database, published by Euromonitor 2002

12 thoughts on “When it’s all depending on… Top 5 East London Coffee Shops

  1. Monmouth Street Coffee at Borough Market is a personal favourite and Fernandez and Wells in Soho another good shop. Great food blog!

  2. In East London the coffee at the Pavilion in Victoria Park near the lake is divine, as is the coffee at Railroad in Morning Lane (although it’s a bit more out of the way). I also had a very nice coffee at Unpackaged, which opened recently on Richmond Road near the Hackney Picturehouse (and Lardo, next door, also does very good coffee). The Pavilion is a must though – and their bread is almost as good as St John’s (some say it is as good).

  3. After living in New Zealand for quite a few years I am now a coffee addict and can’t stand bad coffee. If in Scotland Wellington Coffee in George Street Edinburgh is excellent as is Peters Yard which is Swedish I believe

  4. It’s nice to share recommendations, getting you into the more indie places, not always easily discovered. Bx

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