Part of the Fashion cycle; Retro SS13 by Angulus bang on trend

There’s no news in that fashion seem to repeat itself. The designer at Angulus, Marianne Britt told us all about the wonderful archive at the 109 year old Danish shoe factory that she could dip into for inspiration. And yes, there’s no question where the inspiration is from, seeing picture of a pair of baby starter shoes from the 1970’s. More than a hundred years on, why change a winning recipe?

From Angulus factory, in Denmark 2013, a rack filled with brand new superb quality starter shoes.

35 years ago, the Scandinavian dad took his very first wobbly steps in this pair of starter shoes.
As the Scandinavian Dad was quite a fashionalble little lad, there’s more of his statement pieces from his early years hiding in his childhood home. Like these must see retro orange Viking wellington boots.

And with this in mind, we are back to thinking quality in stead of quantity. And not at least that good design (it doesn’t have to be timeless/classic) will last forever.
A costume historian and a past Keeper of the Robes at the London Victoria and Albert Museum named James Laver (1899–1975) created a fashion timeline for when items were in style and out of date.

In other words; Buy clothes and shoes to keep and treasure for generations!

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