Warming Wool for Children during a frosty Winter

Children and wool was part of my inspiration to start up this blog. In Scandinavia the children are dressed in wool throughout the colder months to keep dry and warm. And even though the UK is wet, windy and cold during Autumn and Winter, with temperatures dropping to sub zero, whilst the arctic winds sweeps trough the country, the children would be dressed in cotton and artificial fleece to keep warm.
Knowing the benefits of a natural material like wool and also having experienced the super soft qualities of Merino and Alpaca wool in addition to beautiful silk wool blends and wool fleece we have available nowadays, it would a shame not to share it.

In Scandinavia wool is a large part of every child’s winter wardrobe. And it’s not only the hat and scarf that is in the warming material. Most importantly is what’s next to skin; underwear, tee and tights. There’s also a wonderful selection of knitted jumpers, beautiful dresses and funky knitted trousers, There’s socks and baby booties, hooded coats and ponchos, baby sleeping bags, blankets and toys -all in wool.

In the UK it seems hard to find wool clothes for children. In Scandinavia most childrenswear shop would have a dedicated wool section. Changing the way parents dress their children, or opening up to new materials (when all the parents can remember is acrylic jumpers and itchy wool) is not happening over night. But importnat evnets like the Wool Week, supported by HRH the Prince of Wales, is trending. And there’s lovely blog inspiration via sites Wool Rocks, to get you started on your own wool project. However, with a slightly limited crafty talent, we love sites like MorMor that provides home knits -if you don’t master the knitting pins yourself. And as wool is trending, more and more International shops are not only including but specialsing in wool; Mayamin London, Ella’s Wool New York, The Island Wool Company, Faroe Island Next time you’re shopping for kids clothes, check the tag -look out for wool!

Wool Brands, worth checking out!
Gudrun & Gudrun, Faroe Island
Esencia, Denmark
Lilli og Leopold, Norway
Vossatassar, Norway
Janus, Norway
Alpaca Society, Norway
Mole Little Norway, Norway
Ullungene, Norway
Woolland, Norway
Luckyboysunday, Denmark
As we grow, Iceland

4 thoughts on “Warming Wool for Children during a frosty Winter

  1. Hi, and thanks for stopping by, Smudgetikka! Interesting comment about reluctant parents.

    The only challenge with wool is to separate it from the cotton and denim and to have a gentle liquid detergent for silk and wool. And the wool cycle program is quicker than cotton and wool dries in no time!

    I could list up a lot of reasons why I choose wool for my children, but most important is the overall positive experience; A child that is not cold or wet whilst outside, combined with easy to wash. With soft merino and alpaca wool there’s no reason not to choose wool.

  2. In the UK its a washing machine thing, many mums are reluctant to buy wool because it is more difficult to was, this is what the agents tell me.

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