The End of the CPH kids International Fashion Fair

The CPH kids International Fashion Fair Spring/Summer 2012 turned out to be the last.

In 2009 CPH kids created a vision to define the future of the children’s fashion industry with an entire new inspirational take on children’s fashion trade shows. However the founder of CPH kids Lone Home has now had the difficult task to decide to end the trade show as she was not prepared to compromise on the trade shows visions and values. “It is with mixed feelings that we end CPH kids for now. We have put our ears to the market, and we have presented our ideas of how to maintain and develop children’s fashion fair in Copenhagen under current market conditions. The proposed rescheduling of the Spring/Summer fair was met with positive response throughout the industry, but we must recognize that there has not been enough support to continue the fair in its current format without selling out on values and ambitions.”

The highlights of CPH kids
• Dialogue-based, innovative and creative trade fair platform – challenging content and form.
• Internationally recognized trade fair brand for children’s fashion in just 6 seasons.
• Showcased 750 national and international brands.
• Exclusive editorial collaboration with leading international children’s fashion magazines.
• Raised more than DKK 550,000 for the Red Cross Youth and Children’s Aid Day through charity-cooperation with exhibitors.

Little Scandinavian are a great fan of and have been working with CPH kids for several seasons. We sincerely do hope the talented people behind CPH kids will at some point do a comeback with an even more exciting and redefined future trading platform for kids style.

8 thoughts on “The End of the CPH kids International Fashion Fair

  1. It’s not only CPH kids. A lot of brands, agents and retailers are finding the current climate hard as well. We need to take care of independent companies, or else we’ll loose them.

  2. I know, me too. Think the combination of independent and being a launch pad for new designers in the midst of recession was perhaps a bit hard. And not wanting to commercialise the show, that would have had the benefit of higher income but less inspirational. And CPH kids was not prepared to go less inspirational. “Stay true”.

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