Scandinavian DIY and Design Advent Calendars 2012

It’s the time of the year again, with Advent soon approaching. Why not make it a bit more special this year? An Advent Calendar can be so much more than a daily sweet wrapped in cartoon box.
When I was a child my mum made us a Christmas train, with all the carriages carrying small surprises. We used to love it! Now my sister has it and her children are enjoying it!
We’ve gathered a few simple yet decorative Advent Calendars, that could be purchased or easily DIY for one crafty person.

The Ferm Living Advent Calendar 2012 is a wall mounted Christmas House Calendar ready for you to wrap up little calendar gifts and hide it in all the 24 small pockets. Made in cotton, and measures 100cm tall.

Hide 24 little treats or surprises in these beautiful reindeer print paper envelopes, from Ahoi meise. fasten with a red Christmas band and hang up on the wall, or place on a book shelf or side table for a rustic Nordic Christmas display.

We found this advent calendar at I’m with Leia a great lovely Danish art and crafts blog.

If you are crafty (and have the time) you could simple DIY by printing out reindeer and numbers to glue on white envelopes.

Have you seen this Christmas House in the snow?

Wrap up 24 tiny presents in contrasting fabric, or why not newspaper, decorated with vintage angel postcards and small pine tree branches. Fasten all the presents to this beautiful Petite Legarth Advent Calendar 2012.
Made of Liberty fabric, and available in brown, turquoise, purple and pink from Lille Figaro. Dimensions 77cm x 37cm.
See more from the Danish designer at Petite Legarth Christmas

This house may fit very well in any hall or kitchen and may be used for post cards and small notes throughout the rest of the year if you can’t bare to take it down after Christmas.

For gift wrapping inspiration we recommend checking out
5 quick gift wrapping ideas at the White Bench blog.

Last year we featured the popular DIY Reindeer Advent Calendar. Cut out in wood and painted white. This simple Advent Calendar would instantly ad a Nordic touch to any Christmas home.

Not sure what sort of Advent Calendar to make? Well, there’s lots more ideas in the Little Scandinavian Advent Calendar ideas 2011 and the Little Scandinavian Advent Calendars ideas 2010.

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