Wrap up Warm Top 10 best children’s Winter coats 2012

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We’ve chosen the Top 10 children’s Winter Coats for the winter season of 2012 / 2013. Bring on freezing temperatures. These children’s coats are sure to keep your little one warm and cozy on the coldest winter day. So, in no particular order…

1. Finger In the Nose Snowslope down jacket £147.50

2. Mini Rodini tartan, red checked wool jacket £116.95

3. Ticket to Heaven down winter coat €149.90 (approx. £120)

4. Ver de Terre down winter coat 1.499,00 DKK (approx. £160)

5. Polarn O. Pyret Padded winter coat £65

6. Bergans Junior technical down jacket for tweens and teens 1200 NOK (approx. £130)

7. H&M Multi techno coloured winter coat £34.99

8. Molo kids girls padded winter coat £91.50

9. Isbjorn of Sweden expedition winter jacket 1 999 SEK (approx. £186)

10. Reima Minne baby and toddler girls winter coat approx £64

We’ve previously talked about keeping warm in the winter by dressing in layers, see the full post here.
And we have actually tried a few of these brands over the years. Isbjorn, Bergans, Reima and Ticket to Heaven being among the favourites for the technical features. This is Little A in her Isbjorn of Sweden coat. Ver de Terre, Mini Rodin, Molo and Finger in the Nose will not only keep your little one warm but also in style. Included in the feature are also more affordable options from H&M and Polarn O Pyret, with coats to enjoy without having to break the bank. So hopefully something for everyone!

Stay warm! x

One thought on “Wrap up Warm Top 10 best children’s Winter coats 2012

  1. These are great. I particularly love the Toddler
    Girls Winter Coats
    . It is so cute!! I bought one of these for my little girl and Emma looks adorable in it. I found one of these at Burlington Coat Factory. We saved about $30 on her new coat and it seems to be durable enough to survive her little sister in a few years as well.

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