LuckyBoySunday on a Monday; Soft toys and quirky interior

London is covered in wet autumn leaves and fog, and it’s a rather miserable (you would probably say misty and magical if you worked in the tourist industry…) Monday. I’m missing the huzzle and buzzle and all the excitement and energy it creates of the trade shows, and very much looking forward to hanging out with some of the most fun and inspirational people within the kids fashion and style industry, the two Camilla’s behind the brand LyckyBoySunday during my next trip to CPH kids.

© LuckyBoySynday

I’m seriously considering the two pillows for my kitchen, as we have a bay window where there will be a homemade multifunctional wooden bench and a bookcase, promised by the ScandinavianDad.
And on a Monday like this it would definitely have cheered me up with a hug from Mr. Fancy Nulle. Isn’t he adorable? And you would be amazed of how soft he really is, knitted in the finest baby alpaca wool.

How’s your Monday been so far?

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