All For Children, a H&M and UNICEF collaboration out on the 18th

Just in time for Hallowen, these cute style for dressing up or for the confident fashionista to be wearing everyday and for parties. This unique and affordable collection will hit the stores on the 18th of October. Limited edition of course -I’ll race you!

All for Children is a unique collaboration between H&M and UNICEF, with the goal to protect the rights of some of the poorest children in India and Bangladesh. 25% of the sales price of the collection goes to the All For Children project.

The social impacts resulting from H&M´s investment will improve the lives and futures of the children and the communities in which they live.
Tim Hunter, UNICEF

2 thoughts on “All For Children, a H&M and UNICEF collaboration out on the 18th

  1. I’ve sent lots of emails to H&M to find out which stores that will be stocking the collection, but no reply so far. Do you know?

  2. I will be there on Thursday for some of these lovely things too. Love the double-bobble hat, the black and gold shoes and the colourful tights (amongst everything else)!

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