Guided tour to the new Little Scandinavian home in London

Here’s a guided tour to the Little Scandinavian home in London. We have recently moved house. Only within the same area, as the girls are very happy at school here. But we wanted a bit more space, closer access to shops and tube, and if we could be fortunate enough, a Garden Maisonette!

And we found our dream home this summer, packed our things and moved! Now after only a few weeks, we are still very much in boxes and still trying to settle in to our new home. But we already feel we’ve “landed on our feet” with this move. In terms of quality of life it’s been such an improvement!
Not only the location being far more central. The flat compromises large windows in all rooms, giving us lots of daylight throughout the day. And we love the high ceilings, giving the rooms a very spacious feel. The flat is by no means in any superb luxury state, but there’s original features in all rooms that’s far more valuable to us, like a large open fireplace in the reception room. And from the reception room you can step straight out onto a french balcony, with a spiral staircase leading down to a private garden; A place where we can enjoy fresh air, some gardening and when weather permits, barbeque.

Our large kitchen allows not only space for baking and cooking but our dinner table for 8 also fits nicely in the middle of the room, where the girls can do their homework. There’s a large open fireplace to keep you toast and warm on the colder evenings, and there’s large french windows, with led glass details at the top, leading out to our fresh herbs in pots and on to the street.

Thanks for “coming by” and I hope to show some more, also from the girls bedrooms, as soon as we’ve moved in more properly.

Hope you all are out and about today -enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Hope to invite you over sometime, Florence. Just need to empty all the moving boxes (that i “forgot” to take picture of *lol*) xxx

  2. I loved having a virtual visit…looking forward to more photos…and visiting in person 🙂 I remember when your new couch arrived in Edinburgh and we sat on it for the first time with a glass of champagne 🙂 Ex

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