MeMini knits and CTH Mini hats – Mini meets Autumn in style!

Proper high quality retro and super cool winter hats combined with nostalgic traditional Nordic knits is all your child needs to meet the colder months of Autumn and Winter in style and comfort! Which style is your favourite?

CTH Mini was founded in 2007 as part of the CTH Ericson group, one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of hats, established in 1885 by Carl Theodor Ericson. CTH Mini produces children’s hats in 50′ and 60′ style. This brand was an immediate success in Scandinavia and fortunately they are now available in stores worldwide.
Memini by Kristine Vikse is a Norwegian design label founded in 2006. The collections consists of high quality pieces inspired by Nordic nostalgia and traditions. The clothes are very well made, looks beautiful on and are comfortable and functional, for newborn baby and children up to 10 year old.

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