The Oslo Fjord -amazing beach and boat life

The sun is shining, the sea is glittering, there are hot dogs sizzling in all sizes and flavours on the barbecue. It’s summer in the Oslo Fjord.

Whilst the parents catch up over the barbecue all the children busy themselves by jumping into the clear blue sea of salty water from a giant slide. Then later, after som lunch, they will all be heading out with the boat for some “tube racing”. This involves clinging on to a plastic float, the boat doing curves and the children are all one by one falling off, ending up giggling and floating in their life vests in the midst of the beautiful Oslo Fjord

Sadly back on land they wrap themselves in large beach towels before being served som freshly made waffles with homemade strawberry jam.

Life at the Oslo Fjord isn’t bad when you are seven and ten year old. Hope you are having a lovely Summer too?

Bianca x

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