Smafolk, a bundle of colours and joy for Autumn Winter 2012

Smafolk, known for colourful children’s clothes and their trade mark, the apple print, is inspired by happy child hood memories in from the 60′ ad 70′, long summer holidays and granny’s apple pie. It all started the summer Tana Kretzschmer had her first child and the young family bought a summer house. A neighbour came by one sunny summers day, and with a smile looked down on the baby in the pram and said it was lovely to have “Småfolk” (lille people) in the area again. Tana had by then designed menswear for several years, but the birth of her son inspired her to design children’s wear. The brand Småfolk was then founded in 2005 by Tana and her close friend Maria Grandjean. Smafolk would be all about comfortable clothes in happy colours, in a clear retro style, unisex and with a lovely quality.

® Smafolk Autumn Winter 2012

Sadly Maria Grandjean passed away in 2008. Tana decided to hold on to and develop their company and Småfolk is today a successful business with 18 employees. The collections are sold in multiple countries and is a firm favourite amongst children and parents alike. Smafolk has also launched an adult collection, Most.

Smafolk will be showing their Spring Summer 2013 collection at CPH kids 9.-11.August 2012.

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