Noa Noa Miniature Christmas and Holiday Collection

Noa Noa Miniature have for more than 10 years, or as long as I’ve had children been a firm favourite in this house, being one of Little B’s favourite designer brands with it’s nostalgic touch.
Our friends at The Mora Scandinavian Emporium, or as we say the Mora Store, have sent us the look book for Noa Noa Miniature’s Christmas 2012 collection. And I must say, I do love the knits they’ve included. The dresses, tights and blouses are all the typical Noa Noa Miniature signature style. But I think they’ve really put an effort into the knit wear with this collection. And it’s all slightly nostalgic, romantic, and dressed in the Danish style in layers, almost a bit boho chic.
What a gorgeous collection! I think we’ll have to secure a few knitted jumpers and the frilled denim vest, for sure!

© Noa Noa Miniature look book for Christmas Collection 2012

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